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The Basic membership is our baseline for using the community features of Moms With a Mission.

Here are the FUN things you can do with a Basic membership.

  • Avatars and Cover Images - add your own pictures to help people find you in the community.
  • Customizable Profiles - let your friends know more about you! (You can choose how much or how little you share).
  • Profile Settings - this lets you set your notification preferences, whether you let other people know when you're online, etc.
  • Profile Reactions - just like on FB, please share your love when someone posts something awesome!
  • Post and Share Photos and Videos - well, yeah, what would be the fun otherwise?
  • Chat - one of my favorite things to do!
  • Connect with Friends
  • Create Groups
  • Make Polls
  • Write Blog Posts

Why do we charge a fee?

First, it helps to cover the cost of hosting. Facebook and Twitter are free because YOU are the product that is being sold. YOUR information is being sold to companies to cover their costs. We do not sell any membership information and we are hoping to have a completely ad-free existence (except for allowing members to post in buy/sell/trade groups).

Second, it allows us an opportunity to weed out those individuals who are joining for the sole purpose of doxxing or behaving in other malicious ways. Yes, if they have more than one credit card or Paypal account they can probably get around that... once or maybe twice. But we are hoping that having a small fee will help to deter people from being complete jerkwads. We do take all instances of this behavior very seriously and we do NOT refund membership fees for those individuals thrown out of the community for doxxing or similar behaviors.

Because we would like you to try out the community before you make a decision, we are offering the first month of use at no cost. If you would like to donate to help cover expenses (depending on how quickly the community grows we may need to increase server capacity) please feel free to donate through PayPal. We appreciate it!

The price for membership is $0.00 now and then $5.00 per Month.

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