Chloe Ting is Trying to Kill Me – My Journey 11/22/2020

It probably should have been fair warning when I told my 15- and 16-year-old daughters that I was thinking about doing a one-month Chloe Ting workout plan and they backed away with an odd combination of mirth and horror in their eyes. Teenagers will keep you humble. My 15-year-old said, “Are you sure you want to start this on a Sunday? Isn't Sunday supposed to be a day of rest? There is nothing restful about Chloe Ting.”

But yes, I've learned that the only way to handle a challenge is to start it as soon as possible. Don't wait for the first of the month… absolutely don't wait for the start of the year! It reminds me of the old Chinese proverb:

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Chinese Proverb

So, I've added Chloe Ting's Slim Thigh Challenge to my daily routine for 25 days. Clearly, I have a death wish. (Side note, so does my cat. He thinks that when mom is on the floor doing exercise he needs to sit with his butt in my face. Nice, Figaro, nice.) The other side benefit of starting on a Sunday, I don't have any weight-lifting scheduled today, so it minimizes what I'm trying to accomplish.

You can find all of Chloe's workout programs on her website with handy links to her videos. I'm very grateful for her putting her workout programs out for free on YouTube. I will link to just the day's videos I'm using each day for anyone who wants to torture themselves alongside me. If you want to try a different program or want to see the complete plan, just go to her site for more.

So, here's today's set of videos:

I chose the Slim Thigh Challenge because my legs are the strongest part of my body. Now, that may seem counterproductive. I should probably choose where I'm weakest… but I really don't want to die doing this challenge! If the major focus of this challenge is on my legs, I have a halfway decent chance of survival.

As expected, I made it through the first video without too many problems. Was it easy? No. But I could do at least some version of the pretty much all the moves, which is a major bonus. After my daughters' reactions, I felt somewhat proud of myself for surviving my first Chloe Ting video with no major problems.

And then it came time for the abs workout…. and THIS is where Chloe Ting was clearly attempting to murder me. Abs, it seems, stands for abdominal muscles… those things you're supposed to have on the center front of your body just above your hips. I have given birth eight times over the past twenty-eight years. I have no abs, as far as I can tell, which made this workout incredibly difficult. Curse words were said….. many, many curse words. I was very glad I had banished all of my progeny to the basement to go watch movies.

I finished off with the cooldown stretch. Stretches pose their own unique challenges. Since the girls and I have Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, I have to be careful with how far I go with my stretches. Age, lack of practice, and way too much fat on my body has provided some natural limitations on my stretching, which is a good thing. I still have to be careful that I don't dislocate anything in the process. I survived the stretching. I will definitely be heading to bed soon. I hope I can move tomorrow!

Today's Daily Routine

  • Sunday – Weight: -4.6 pounds this week; -7.6 pounds total; 4.4 pounds to next 5% goal
  • Exercise
    • Steps: 15,184
    • Weights: Rest day
    • Chloe Ting: Slim Thighs Challenge Workout Day 1
  • Nutrition
    • Thyroid medications: taken
    • Supplements: taken
    • Intermittent Fasting: eighteen hours
    • Zero Carb Goal: Definitely not zero carb at dinner. Matt made salmon patties, and he uses regular saltines in them. I don't have a definite carb count on his recipe, but I'm going to estimate that I still kept it under 30 grams of carbs. I was pretty much zero carb until dinner, just my cacao drink (about 1.5 grams of carbs), a hard-boiled egg, and a rasher of bacon.
  • Homemaking
    • Yesterday I did a huge overhaul of the boys' room. Matt helped me by putting together a shelving unit. I went through the boys' clothes and pulled out everything that was too small and took it to a friend's house. Today I just made sure they made their beds and didn't let them trash anything I accomplished yesterday. Habits need time to form!
Image of two boys sitting on their bed in their room.

I'm exhausted and off to bed. I hope you all had a blessed day… see you tomorrow!

Rethinking Social Media

Well, 2020 has been a wild year, now hasn't it? So much of what has been going on in our communities, our countries, our world has been difficult to get a clear picture of… much less fully understand. We can lay a large part of that at the feet of both the old news media and the new tech social media sites.

News media channels have completely abdicated the role of journalists and are nothing but opinion programming, often dressed as news programming, for 24 hours a day. Actual journalism is being relegated to citizen journalists (although I can see an argument for the idea that citizen journalists have always been the “real” journalists and that the role of a national media was never what the founders had in mind.)

Rethinking Social Media

Anyone enjoying the Orwellian dystopia we woke up in? Anyone? Yeah, me neither.

Social media sites and tech giants like Google have made it increasingly difficult for citizens to get to the actual information they need and want. Even legacy news outlets like the New York Post have been censored and blocked from posting links to their news articles on Twitter. Citizens who retweeted this news article also found themselves locked out of their Twitter accounts unless they were willing to take down the “offending” tweet.

YouTube has put warnings or taken down videos that go “against” the narrative of Covid-19 that are being pushed forward by the CDC or the WHO… even if they agree with comments that the CDC or WHO pushed just weeks before. Facebook fact checks have become so ludicrous and ridiculous that an entire genre of memes has sprung up just to mock them. Facebook users have been waking up and finding themselves locked out of accounts that they have held for years simply because they have posted “wrongthink” one too many times.

Google makes finding information that goes against any of its long-held viewpoints impossible to find, banning entire websites because it doesn't agree with the information that they post. In the United States, citizens are finding it easier to get the facts about what is going on in their own country from listening to the news outlets in other countries. (We see you, Australian media, and we thank you.)

What Can We Do About Tech and Social Media Strangleholds?

We've seen a lot of new social media sites popping up these days.

among others. These are all excellent platforms but none of them really fit what I like to do online. There is a lot of political rhetoric available on these sites, in particular, but not necessarily the rest of a healthy life. We are more than just our politics. (We are so much more than just our politics.)

I'm grateful to these platforms and I do participate in them, but I wanted to create something a little bit different.

Moms With a Mission Social Media Platform

Okay, so what on earth do I think I'm doing trying to compete with “big tech” with a little website I'm running out of my kitchen? Well, first, I'm not trying to compete with “big tech”. I am definitely more of a niche social media provider and I'm looking to interact with and provide a space for content for a pretty specific group of people, such as

  • Women – guys, we love you. If you read an article here or interact in the comments, that's great. Just please don't tell us that it needs to include the guys, too. They base most medical information out there on medical studies that have been done specifically on men. Women's bodies are different… they just are.
  • Moms – okay, you don't have to be a mom. But this isn't a “childfree” area. We happen to like our offspring and this isn't a place to come and talk about how children are evil or how much you hate being around them. (You can, however, vent about your own particular children behaving like evil minions and talk about how you'd really just love a two week vacay to do nothing but sleep. We all get that, girl!)
  • People who value freedom of speech… and a good sense of humor… over political correctness – please don't whine to us that someone got your pronouns wrong or that somebody's hairstyle has destroyed your entire culture. Feel free to use your freedom of speech to complain directly to anyone you like about those things. We won't stop you. However, this is a site where freedom of speech applies to everyone so I wouldn't dish it if you can't take it.
  • People who like to think for themselves, rather than just accepting everything that the so-called “experts” say. Look, we aren't against experts. We encourage people to become experts in many areas of life. However, experts should be viewed as resources and consultants, not dictators. “Because my doctor said so” isn't a valid reason. Does your doctor actually know? Because… medical error is the third leading cause of death in this country… so, maybe you should look some things up for yourself.

So, What Do We Do Next?

First, head over to the membership sign-up page and sign up for a free trial membership. Wait… free trial? You mean, this is going to cost something?

Well… yeah. Here's the thing about social media sites… they cost money to run. If you aren't spending money on that site, then guess what… you're the product. This site currently costs several hundred dollars a year to run and we anticipate having to upgrade to a server that will be several hundred dollars a month to run. We need to cover those costs. This will help us avoid having to put ads EVERYWHERE that ruin your user experience.

We want to be accountable to you, the end user. We don't want to be beholden to advertisers.

And yes, we ask for your credit card details to sign up (you don't get charged until after the first month, and then, it's five bucks a month. We will not get rich on this, we just can't afford to burn hundred-dollar bills, m'kay?) because that helps to keep this site safe.

We are aware that there are individuals out there who want to dox and cancel others who hold viewpoints that run counter to the mainstream narrative. If you find that someone who is using this site is publishing the private information of any of our members we want to know about it… like yesterday. By having accounts linked in that way (we don't store the info, it goes through our credit card processor) we can cut down on people opening a bunch of accounts for the sole purpose of doxing. It also makes it easier to ban someone and have them stay banned. We don't ban for viewpoint, but we WILL ban for doxing. Just don't do it.

The Fun Stuff

We've worked hard to include all the “fun” stuff:

  • Avatars and Cover Images – add your own pictures to help people find you in the community.
  • Customizable Profiles – let your friends know more about you! (You can choose how much or how little you share).
  • Profile Settings – this lets you set your notification preferences, whether you let other people know when you're online, etc.
  • Profile Reactions – just like on FB, please share your love when someone posts something awesome!
  • Post and Share Photos and Videos – well, yeah, what would be the fun otherwise?
  • Chat – one of my favorite things to do!
  • Connect with Friends
  • Create Groups
  • Make Polls
  • Write Blog Posts

What If I Have a Problem?

Go to the contact page and send us a note. We will get on it as soon as possible. Please remember that we are moms and we have evil minions of our own running around, scribbling on the walls, getting underfoot, and crying because we gave them the banana that they asked for because… KIDS… you know?

We are working as fast as we can to make this site fun, safe, and easy to use.

Looking for Admins!

Just FYI, admins won't be charged anything, but I will need to know you or interview you. If you're interested, drop a comment below and I will get in touch with you!